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An investment policy statement (IPS), a document drafted between a portfolio manager and a client (department), outlines the rules and guidelines that the portfolio manager must follow when considering asset allocation in the department’s portfolio. In other words, an investment policy statement outlines how a portfolio manager is to manage your department’s money.

The Components of an Investment Policy Statement (IPS) Include but are not limited to: The Purpose of the Account, Governance, Investment Objectives, and Risk Management.

The Team at Main Street Financial Group Will Assist Your Department In:
  • Reviewing Your Existing Document
  • Amending or Drafting a New Customized Investment Policy Statement Specific to the Needs of Your Department
  • Implementing the IPS & Actively Monitoring Your Departments Account(s) To Ensure That Assets Remain in Compliance with your Departments Customized Document
Asset management is the management of investments on behalf of your Department . The process has a dual mandate — Grow the departments investable assets over time while managing risk in accordance with the Investment Policy Statement. 
Through a collaborative approach, our team of advisors and their combined 50+ years of experience in navigating capital markets will help guide and manage your departments investments. By using a systematic investment approach in conjunction with the parameters set forth in the Investment Policy Statement, The Main Street Team will actively and efficiently monitor your departments assets to ensure that there are no unexpected risks or violations of your IPS. 
For 20 Years Main Street Financial Group has worked with departments throughout New York. Our team has experience in managing: LOSAP, Benevolent, and Operating Funds. 

The combined experience of working alongside departments in managing LOSAP, Benevolent, and Operating accounts has given our team unique insight into the needs of the departments we serve.  While these types of programs have some similarities, there are some specific differences that an experienced team of professionals would be best served addressing.

As a value-added service to your department, Main Street Financial Group (with the consent of leadership) will engage your membership to provide education, context and understanding to matters of personal finance.

In addition to our focused Investment Management Strategy, we offer complimentary seminars either live or on Zoom to the department’s membership. Complimentary seminars include but are not limited to:

  • Retirement Plan Reviews
  • Employee Benefit Reviews
  • Insurance Audit
  • College Savings Planning
  • Personal Financial Management
    •  Rent vs Own-Home
    •  Buy vs Lease- Vehicle
    •  Goal Based Savings Plans
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